­An idea came to my mind while contemplating about the “Bio” section for my own website. This is probably the third time I am redesigning my photography website since 2007 after I started photography as a profession leaving a career in medical microbiology behind.

On my last two versions of websites, the “Bio” section was written by a content writer or an ace journalist with whom I had worked and the write up was their perception of me. However, this time while contemplating whom to request to write my “Bio”, I thought why not to write it myself? It would be interesting self- portraiture

So here are a few liners about me.

As a photo-artist, I always love to get involved in a project from scratch till the end. This involves conceptualisation, pre-shoot arrangements, photo shoot and postproduction either by me or with the help of my editor. It gives me a great pleasure and joy to be a part of an end-to-end shoot and probably that’s what makes each shoot so personal for me. I love to hunt for small props for a food shoot or improvise lighting design for a particular fashion shoot or an interior space and what not.

Someone questioned me once “don`t you lose focus from the main shoot by doing all the other work around it”? My answer was “No”. I feel these tasks actually help me getting more involved in a shoot.

Actually, I don`t follow any particular rule for a shoot or I don’t have any specific pattern. I understand the mood for the shoot or the subject , feel it & then shoot.

I love to shoot anything that interests me. It may be a juicy lamb chops, an amber black beauty, serene high altitude desert or a tiny grasshopper. I thrive to arrest all beauty that evoked or tickled me deep down inside .

In short thats me.

Krishanu Chatterjee

16th June 2015 ,Bangalore

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”
-Irving Penn

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